Olga’s Transformation

Olga’s Transformation

As tensions continue to rise in her country, Olga, along with her husband and three children, sensed it was time to leave Russia and move to Israel. They knew they had to make this move quickly, as they felt their time was short. This created many difficulties and hardships for them.

Arriving with very little and struggling to start a new life, they heard about our humanitarian projects and how we helped new immigrants. That is where we met them. We were able to give them food and household items to get them on their feet, for which they were very grateful. 

We then invited them to join one of our local home groups in their area, to which they readily agreed. They began attending regularly and enjoyed their wonderful time at the home group. During one of these home group meetings, Olga confessed that she felt God had always been with her, but she knew nothing about Him and had never read the Bible. However, since she had started attending the home group and congregational meetings, she experienced God’s love in her heart — something that cannot be expressed in words.

After attending her first service at Beit Hallel, she immediately decided she wanted to return, get involved, and do everything in her power to learn more about God. She has since then begun attending more meetings and even started helping as a volunteer at our congregation. 

We were so thrilled when she recently shared that the greatest thing in her life was the moment she gave her life to Jesus and was born again! What a joy it is to hear these words!

We are so happy to have Olga and her family as part of our family. We will continue to walk with her and her family to help them build a lasting relationship with their Savior. Hallelujah!