Outdoor Discipleship – Youth Camp in the Desert

Youth camps for young believers can be a powerful tool for discipleship and have a significant impact on their spiritual growth. When they camp in the desert, hiking along the biblical trails that the people of Israel walked as they wandered in the desert before entering the promised land — it triples the impact. 

The Discipleship Youth Camp we had in the desert for young people this past weekend was incredible! The youth spent three days in the desert, submerged in teachings, praise, worship, prayer, and fellowship. It was a powerful and transformative time. Our young people all attested to how they came out of the experience changed. They felt challenged to continue their walk with the Lord, drawing their wisdom from Him, not from the world. This was an experience every young person should have the opportunity to experience.

We cannot over-emphasize how crucial youth discipleship is, especially in these times we’re living in. Young people on the verge of adulthood are learning and absorbing so much information flung at them daily through digital platforms that do not always have their best interests at heart. As their spiritual leaders, it is our job to guide, disciple, and prepare them using sound biblical principles that will help them navigate the muddy and polluted waters they will cross.

Thank you for participating and supporting our youth work in Israel! Investing in the youth is investing in the Kingdom of God. Theirs will be the generation that ushers in revival!

May God bless you and keep you for your faithful support of Israel!