Overcoming Darkness

Overcoming Darkness

The Gift of Peace

Mila’s Testimony

A deep fear washed over Mila each time she heard an airplane fly overhead. The memories of the horrors she had witnessed as a child flooded her mind, taking her back to the dark and terrifying place she had thought she had escaped many years ago.

Meet Mila, one of Israel’s few remaining Holocaust survivors. She currently lives in a retirement center in Ashdod with her close friend Sveta, who is a passionate believer and a member of Beit Hallel congregation. At the request of Sveta, our team paid a visit to this dear elderly lady. A visit that would lead to a spiritual blessing for Mila, and for our team as well.

On our first visit, we spent time just getting to know Mila. We listened as she shared the tragic stories of her childhood during World War II. We heard the heartbreaking tales of her husband’s internment at a concentration camp as a small boy and of her own traumatic experiences from that horrific time. Despite all she had been through, she said that she always felt God had protected her and her family, even though she had not been a believer back then.  

She then opened up to share her most difficult pain, dealing with the recent death of her most trusted and lifelong love, her husband Yuri. We could see this was a wound that cut her deeply, and our hearts felt a such burden for her. We asked if she would allow us to return to visit and speak with her again, to which she happily agreed.

Upon our second and most recent visit to Mila, the Holy Spirit provided an opportunity to share our personal testimonies and the Gospel message. Mila listened very carefully and asked many questions about faith in Yeshua, the Gospel, and the way to salvation. We could see the Spirit was working on her heart.

As we finished our visit and were preparing to leave, Mila proclaimed that she felt her time had come to be united with the Lord. Overjoyed at this declaration, we joined with her as she prayed passionately to receive Yeshua as her Lord and Savior. Tears of joy streamed down her face as she received the gift of peace that comes from the Spirit. All of Heaven rejoices that Mila has come home to the Lord! She would forever be comforted in His arms of love. We are blessed that the Lord has made us a part of her amazing journey.