Paving the Way for Continuous Discipleship

Paving the Way for Continuous Discipleship

Discipleship will always be at the heart of our mission because our calling is to be Fishers of Men (Mark 1:17). Becoming fishers of men means Yeshua will use His disciples to grow and expand the Kingdom of God.

When people first hear the gospel, many are deeply touched because God’s word does not return to Him in vain. What happens next can determine whether those people will remain on the path of truth or steer from it. Proverbs 22:6 speaks about the importance of continuous training to cement people in their faith and enable them to grow in Christ. 

That is also why our periodic discipleship courses launched after every gospel campaign are so important and effective. Changed lives are a testament to the importance of investing in discipleship in Israel. 

We just finished a discipleship course that saw over 30 people fully commit themselves to God. Having been trained in the Word of God for two months, they now have a solid foundation to stand on as they initiate and deepen their walk of faith. 

Consider sowing into our ongoing Discipleship work in Israel, which is so crucial for building the Kingdom and transforming this nation until “…all Israel shall be saved!” (Romans 11:26)