A Miraculous Healing

Nina had been dealing with the pain for a long time. Severe back pain and difficulty walking was something she had learned to live with until, one day, God took it all away!

When war broke out in the Ukraine, Nina’s life was thrown into chaos. Everything seemed to change overnight, and she could sense the fear in people around her. She knew this was a sign that it was time to return to Israel in hopes of finding safety, peace, and a better future for herself.

Nina decided to return to her hometown of Ashkelon, where she had grown up. After finding an apartment and settling in, she began to realize just how challenging her new life was going to be. She soon became desperate for help and direction, both spiritually and financially. Feeling alone in her struggles, she started reaching out to some of her old friends from Ukraine who had also made Aliyah over the past few years. Then, she connected with Sveta, an old acquaintance from her youth.

Sveta had been a member of our Ashkelon congregation for quite some time. She knew the peace and comfort that came from the loving family she had found there. One day, when she was speaking with Nina, she felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to invite her to visit our congregation in Ashdod and meet with some of our workers there for prayer and counseling. Nina was overjoyed with the prospect of finding some help with what she was experiencing and agreed to meet with them the following week at our facility.

According to Nina, as soon as she walked into the room where Chaim and Natalie were waiting to counsel her, she felt a glorious presence of peace in the atmosphere and began to cry. Natalie approached her, pulled her into a loving embrace, just holding her until Nina finished crying. We knew that this girl needed to feel the loving embrace of the Father.

Afterward, while enjoying some tea, Nina began talking about her life and the process of making Aliyah. She was struggling to integrate into her new society and was dealing with serious difficulties managing financially and learning the language. She also shared how the pain in her back was so crippling that it was difficult for her even to walk and that it had been a long time since she had felt any relief.

Our hearts went out to Nina, and we felt compelled to share the Gospel of hope she could find in Yeshua. We also explained how much God deeply loved her and His Son’s sacrifice was a call to all humanity to repent and receive His free gift of eternal life.
Nina was deeply convicted. She told us she was ready to receive Yeshua as her Savior.

As we prayed the prayer of salvation, Chaim felt a nudge from the Spirit to lay hands on Nina and pray for her back. We called on the mighty name of Yeshua to touch Nina’s back and restore it completely, removing all pain. Tears of gratitude spilled down her cheeks as she received all the Lord had to offer her.

Before we left her, we presented Nina with her very first Bible and invited her to attend our services and group prayer meetings. We also told her about our humanitarian projects that would be able to help her with essentials such as food, clothing, furniture, and other household items. She was overjoyed with this information that would fill the needs she had been experiencing.

The following day we received an excited phone call from Nina. The pain in her back was completely gone! She was able to walk without any discomfort! She gave all the glory to God and testified that, without a doubt, He had proved Himself as a loving and caring God who would always be there to comfort and care for her.

Nina is now on fire for the Lord! She has been telling everyone about us, inviting them to visit our congregation in Ashkelon as well as to attend our humanitarian projects. What a wonderful testimony of how God can turn any person’s situation around and provide them with new hope and peace that passes all understanding.

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