Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom

Arising to the Call

“Suddenly, the Spirit of God was there, and everyone was jumping, dancing, and praying. The presence of God was so strong. It was one of the most amazing experiences we have experienced!!”  

– Pastor Sasson Pochtar (Youth Leader, Beit Hallel Congregation)

This year’s youth conference title was TKUMA, which in Hebrew means “to arise.” The theme of the conference was to be “a light in the darkness” (Isaiah 60:1-2). Our focus was enabling the next generation to “arise” and step up to their calling to be a light overcoming darkness.

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises up on you.”

Isaiah 60:1-2

At the end of August, over 150 young teens gathered together from all over Israel for a three-day conference filled with worship and praise. However, this conference actually began before the doors even opened. Our group leaders came together at every opportunity to pray over the youth who would be attending, along with the speakers who would be ministering to their hearts. But, as in most anointed undertakings, we came against many spiritual attacks that threatened to bring a halt to the event.

At the last minute, many of our international speakers canceled, leaving us to fill their vacancies with very little time. Nevertheless, when God is planning a move, nothing can stop it. We were led to ask several of the younger spiritual leaders if they would come forward to fill the void. It was amazing how God worked through these young men! A powerful anointing was on them as they connected with the teens, leading them through spiritual healings, physical healings, and teachings on the powerful gifts of evangelizing to their generation.

Each evening was filled with powerful, touching moments. During one of the worship sessions, a spirit of freedom broke out. The crowd of youth went wild and began praising while jumping, and dancing to traditional Hebrew songs. The presence of the Holy Spirit filled the room and touched the teens. Many of them gave their hearts to Yeshua, committing to become what He has called them to be.

The most special night felt by the leaders was actually the very first night. Our team prepared a cookout in the parking lot for the 150 Israeli youth. Everyone sat at one huge table, sharing the burgers and fellowship. The atmosphere was saturated with love as they gathered together, praying and sharing the word of God. It was a bonding experience reminiscent of our Shabbat meals with family, making it a very special time for all.

Thank you to all of you who supported the Tkuma conference! Because of you, many hearts found Yeshua. The anointing of the next generation has begun. We are excited to see how God uses these young ones to bring glory to His kingdom. Your giving is what made this possible. Please continue to support this project and others like it to equip our youth to bring their “light” to the world. Will you give prayerful thought to partnering with our discipleship programs designed to teach our young students to share the Gospel? Together, we will fulfill the great commission to “become witnesses to the ends of the earth” (Acts1:8). Click the “Give” button below to give your gift of any amount.