Spiritual Warfare over Jerusalem

Standing on such a powerful and prophetic spot, overlooking the entire Jerusalem, I couldn’t help but marvel: this is the place Abraham came to with his son Isaac, willingly obeying God to go up to Mt. Moriah (Temple Mount) and bring Him the ultimate sacrifice: Abraham’s only son. 

Can you imagine? Before Jerusalem was even built, before it was ever Jerusalem, it was an area surrounded by hills and mountains and not much else; Abraham stood on what we know today as the Temple Mount and leaning solely on his faith, he was willing to sacrifice the most precious thing he had — his son. 

Mt. Moriah later became the Temple Mount, where the first and second temples were built and, according to the book of Revelations, will be where the third Temple is built.

Every time I go up here, despite being a beautiful sunny day, there’s always a religious tension in the air; you can almost feel the spiritual warfare taking place over Temple Mount. 

An interesting and little-known fact is that technically Jews and Christians are allowed to go up to Temple Mount on specific days; however, they are NOT allowed to pray on Temple Mount! It is tightly controlled by the Muslim guards, who watch the visitors closely. You cannot even take your Bible with you to Temple Mount. 

Have you ever wondered why? Can it be that someone acknowledges the power of prayer and is afraid of the prayers of believers, both Christians and Jewish people?  

Yes, the spiritual battle is fierce. But the good news is: so many prophecies were fulfilled precisely on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem was built and destroyed time and time again, but God’s promises withstood the test of time, and we know that the third Temple will be built. 

Most importantly, God’s kingdom is being built and established in Israel. Political and religious tensions have a reason: Lord Jesus chose this specific place to be His throne, from which He will reign over Israel and the Nations. 

The story of the Temple Mount dates back to Abraham, King David, and Our Lord Jesus. Its thread weaves through the biblical timeline of historical events and fulfills prophecies. 

However, it also reminds us of future prophecies that are to come, and spiritual warfare is a big part of it. Our role is to keep praying for Jerusalem, for the fullness of God’s Word to come over Jerusalem, and for His promises to be fulfilled, not just for Israel but for the nation’s sake.