Summer for God

Summer for God

Into All the World

Sharing their faith is a challenge for most young people. It’s difficult to know how to start and what to say. Most will shy away from talking about anything that might make their friends uncomfortable. We know that it is up to equip them with a new boldness that will allow them to “be the light” to those around them.

Summer is the perfect time to make an impact on our youth. but engaging them is often difficult.  How can we get them to want to share their faith with others? How can we get them to see the importance of showing their friends why they believe what they believe? How do we equip them and ensure we give the right training as young disciples of Yeshua?

Our “Summer for God” is a 5-week program designed to give them the tools to do this and much more. We created a fun time for our youth to learn more about the Bible and focus on opportunities to live out their faith in everyday life. Each week we take our groups on a fun adventure such as hiking in the desert, camping, movie nights, and going to the beach or amusement parks. Along with fun activities, we also take them to historical biblical sites to educate them by following in the footsteps of the Bible. We visit cities or sites of great victories in both the Old and New Testaments. In Joppa, they learned about the importance of obedience through Jonah; The Valley of Elah, where they learned of the courage of a small shepherd boy who became King; and in Jerusalem where they walked in the footsteps of the disciples, experiencing the Upper Room, the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane.

We are thrilled as we witness the profound effect visiting the sites has on these youth. It is beautiful to see how powerfully they are affected when they stand in the same places where the great names of the Bible have stood, listening to the stories and asking themselves, how can I have the same faith? It opens a door of courage and boldness they have not experienced before. A boldness that will enable them to go out into and be witnesses to all the world.

Thanks to you, your faithful prayers, and generous support, we are able to make this youth discipleship program a reality. By sowing into the future of our youth, you are raising the next generation of disciples who will be inspired to go out and be witnesses to all the world! Partner with Voice of Judah Israel today to create the emboldened leaders of tomorrow!