Team Spotlight

Team Spotlight

Stepping out in Faith
Luda Zakharchuk

When Pastor Israel began looking for an administrator, he knew it would be difficult. He was looking for someone talented in many areas, someone who could wear the many hats Beit Hallel needed. This was a tall order, but not one too big for God. He began to pray to the Lord to send the right person who could not only do the work required, but also walk in faith to see the vision of where God was leading them.

A Pastor from a church in Haifa prophesied that God would send a gifted young woman who would speak Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, and other languages. This seemed almost too good to be true, but if God speaks a thing, it will happen. Luda Zakharchuk came to Beit Hallel as a volunteer, and we were blessed when she accepted our invitation to become part of our team.

Luda is the manager, administrator, organizer, financial director, and lawyer for Beit Hallel. She has a passion for law, human rights, and justice. She uses these talents to help not only the church but also the members of the congregation and new immigrants.  She is a voice for the rights of the people and those suffering persecution through their beliefs.

Possibly one of the greatest benefits Luda brings to our congregation is her faith and love for the people she serves. She has stood in intercession and prayer for the finances of Beit Hallel, stepping out in faith to believe in the vision God had given Pastor Israel to purchase the building. She has endured much personal persecution for joining our team, but it has never deterred her from fighting for what we believe in.

Luda is a truly amazing person! Our congregation and its people are blessed to have such a brave warrior on our team. We thank God for her willingness and heart to serve!