The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Judean Hills

Discipleship Course Praise and Testimony Report

This summer season has been an eventful one. From stressful challenges caused by an escalation and yet another round of rocket fire on our cities to impactful and wonderful events and projects, such as an empowering women’s conference, discipleship course, humanitarian outreaches, as well as an amazing discipleship course outreach BBQ in the Judean hills.

We finished up our Discipleship Course for the newly saved and the “seekers” by organizing a special outreach BBQ with the people who attended the event. The whole congregation came out in support, to fellowship together and make this time very special for the people who had spent the last few weeks and months seeking God and drawing near to Him. Other Israeli families barbecuing nearby saw our joyous gathering and were drawn to us, asking what we were celebrating.

The Holy Spirit was present in such a powerful way that, even on such a casual occasion, people still managed to encounter Yeshua and receive Him into their hearts. What a divine appointment and an amazing opportunity for us to share about Yeshua!

It was a wonderful time of fellowship that turned into a beautiful celebration of salvation.

During the discipleship BBQ in the Judean Hills, we taught about Baptism in the Holy Spirit, with over 20 people receiving the Holy Spirit after being prayed over.

Two Israeli families, who were nearby, became very curious about us, who we were, and what we were doing. They sensed an “energy” about us that according to them “drew them in”.

Interestingly enough, during the altar call and prayer for the Holy Spirit, these two families joined us and raised their hands in prayer along with us, even though they only speak Hebrew, and we were praying in Russian.

After we finished praying for baptism in the Holy Spirit we came to them, because they really started asking questions: “what is this energy here? It feels like therapy! We also want to receive it!” They were standing there with tears in their eyes, Experiencing the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit unknowingly.

We have never seen anything like it in Israel, this supernatural way in which God just touched Israelis that happened to be near believers in Yeshua.

We ended up speaking to them and sharing the gospel with them, about Yeshua and His salvation, and at the end, we prayed for them.

The remarkable and supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, when His presence just overflows into nearby Israelis whose lives were changed that day when they got to hear the gospel for the first time in their lives and with tears in their eyes they received Yeshua into their hearts.

It’s amazing to witness how God is moving powerfully among the people of Israel today, preparing the Land for revival!

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