The Path to Life

The Path to Life

Walking with Jesus

Katya had been diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, twelve years ago. She had undergone various surgeries and treatments to try to bring healing to her body, and even a part of her left lung had been removed to prevent the disease from causing Katya more suffering. She struggled alone with her pain until she met her husband, Dima, three years ago. Despite knowing everything about her illness, Dima still decided that he wanted to marry and spend his life with her.

Katya and Dima made “Aliyah” to Israel three months ago from Russia. They had been contemplating moving back to their ancient homeland for a while, but recent events in Russia had helped them make their decision to seek a better future for themselves.

During our recent meeting, we saw that she remained positive and cheerful even after all she had been through. She told us that, somehow, she had learned to turn every negative experience into a positive one. Our conversation then turned to faith in God, and Katya shared that she wondered if God existed or if He cared about her situation.

We began sharing the Gospel message of hope, speaking with her about salvation and how we can obtain healing through faith in Jesus by what He accomplished for us on the cross. We could see that the Word was being received as she listened intently to this Good News of Christ’s redemptive healing power. After many questions, Katya exclaimed that she believed everything she had gone through had been leading her up to that moment. She was absolutely ready to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

After praying the prayer of salvation, Katya was filled with overwhelming joy! She told us that she felt a peace and joy she had never felt before! She knew without a doubt that she had been born again. She also knew Jesus did love and care for her and was with her through all her trials and pain.

We then invited her and her husband to begin to walk the new path Jesus had given them by attending our Shabbat services, joining one of home groups in her area, and joining us for community activities to receive prayer and grow in loving friendship and fellowship.

Katya expressed her delight in being invited into her new family of believers with whom she could walk in her newfound faith. We are very happy to receive our new sister in Christ and remain dedicated to guiding her down this new path of life.