A Burdened Heart

Alex, was left behind when Nina, along with her husband Dima and daughter Vika, had made Aliyah to Israel a few months ago from Ukraine. Young men were forbidden to leave Ukraine because of the war. Alex was only 19, all alone, fighting a war in Ukraine. Nina’s heart was heavily burdened with the worry of not knowing what was happening to him.

The decision to make Aliyah left Nina’s heart in turmoil, but they had to think about the future of their 13-year-old daughter, Vika. Understanding the hardship they would endure if they stayed, they packed up their few belongings, said their tearful goodbyes and set off for the unknown of a new life in Israel.

Being Olim (new immigrants) in Israel is a challenging undertaking. It took time to find their feet, learning Hebrew and working menial jobs while integrating into an unfamiliar and unforgiving Israeli culture. Overwhelmed with the expense of living, they had reached out to Beit Hallel on many occasions to receive life-changing humanitarian aid like food baskets, clothing, furniture, and appliances.

Nina began to observe that our organization was different from the other places she had gone for help. She noticed that these Jewish believers in Yeshua actually loved and cared for people. They seemed to care more about her than just her needs. Shoshana was one of the first members of our team the family met at our humanitarian center. Nina was impressed with her motherly love and genuine compassion. She sensed this was a person who would be willing to listen and offer her consolation, helping her with the immense burden she carried in her heart.

When Nina came to Beit Hallel with her daughter, Vika, for their meeting, Shoshana immediately saw that Vika looked very sad and withdrawn. She would not look at or talk to anyone. Shoshana tried to communicate with her, but she didn’t even look in her direction. She decided to give the girl her space but began talking with Nina about why she had requested the meeting. Nina began to share the anguish she felt concerning her 19-year-old son. The feeling of guilt for leaving him behind weighed heavy on her heart. It was almost too much to bear on top of the struggle to adapt to life in Israel. She so missed her home and son. 

Shoshana then began to share her own testimony of going through very similar trials when she had made Aliyah. She shared the financial and logistical miracles that God had done in her life and how important it was for her to wholly put her trust in God, seeking His face every day.

Nina listened very attentively as Shoshana talked about faith in God and what the Bible says about salvation in Yeshua. During this whole time, Nina’s daughter Vika was nearby, listening in on the conversation. She pretended she was not paying attention, but she gradually began to soften and even began to look directly at Shoshana.

Shoshana prayed for Nina, for her family and her eldest son, asking that these trials would open the door to see Yeshua, accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. She also offered the woman a brand-new Bible, which Nina received with joy. Shoshana then looked across at Vika and saw that the little girl was smiling, her eyes had come alive and her face had a new glow. She even came over to allow Shoshana to hug her! 

As they were saying their goodbyes, Shoshana reminded Nina that no matter how difficult things were to remember that she could always turn to Jesus. He would respond and help in her time of need. Vika vigorously nodded her head in agreement, showing that she had understood all that had been said to her mother. She had been listening the entire time.

Nina agreed to stay in touch and join our Shabbat services with her family. Please stand with us in prayer for this dear family that the work that the Lord has begun in their lives will be completed in Yeshua’s name.  God is fulfilling His prophecy to return the Jews from the north to their homeland. (Isaiah 43:6). More that 10 new families come to our congregation each week in Israel, mostly new immigrants or refugees, seeking aid. We need your help! Partner with us to help provide food for those in need. You are critical to the work we do and are integral of God’s plan for His Land.