War in Israel: Day 3

War in Israel: Day 3

UPDATE – Our Troops Need Your Help

We are waking up to yet another dark day in Israel’s history. Peace is far from us as we face another day of heavy fighting and shelling. It is difficult to process all that has happened in such a short span of time. The sheer number of innocent Israelis murdered is absolutely staggering and only keeps growing. Thousands are injured, hundreds more are missing, families have been ripped apart, and many have been kidnapped and dragged across the border into Gaza. There has been no discrimination on the part of the enemy to the age or sex of the victim. They have shown no mercy to the innocent or aged.

The sheer scale of the atrocities committed against Israel and her people is beyond comprehension. This has been by far Israel’s darkest day since its birth as a state in 1948.

This is Israel’s 9/11.  

We are only in the early stages of this war. The whole nation has been militarily mobilized, with almost every household and family sending off a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, or a father to join the Israeli Defense Forces. Many of our families at Beit Hallel, including Pastor Israel and his wife, have had to say goodbye to their young men and women and watch as they head off to the front lines, not knowing if this will be the last time they will see them.

It is our duty to support these brave young men and women who are risking their lives to protect their families, faith and land. They need our help both spiritually and physically. There’s so much our troops need RIGHT NOW! This number of mobilized troops is unprecedented. The fighting is intense and unrelenting on several fronts. We need to ensure they have everything they need while they are defending their home and their nation. 

We are organizing supply boxes of food and equipment of basic needs to send to our troops in the field. The care packages contain everything from undershirts, undergarments, socks and hygiene products, to food supplies, bottled water, head flashlights, sleeping bags, and disinfectant wipes… the list is long, and the need is great. Help is needed NOW! 

If we think Israelis are the only ones in the line of fire in this conflict, we’re deceived. The same spirit driving these hostilities equally opposes Christians and Jews, and in time will eventually bring persecution to both. We must stand with Israel to protect the promised land for it is a promise for us as well.

This land belongs to Father God, and it is the land of His Messiah.

Isaiah 8:8

Join us in supporting the troops on the ground who are risking their lives to protect this land. Give to ensure they don’t suffer from a lack of their basic needs while they are engaged in Israel’s fiercest war yet. This battle is the Lord’s, and we are His warriors.

DONATE TODAY to help us send these much-needed necessity care packages to our soldiers. These are not treats or luxuries, these are the vital needs they have today. 

This war is absolutely horrific, and we need to be ready to fight and stand with our people of Israel until the Lord grants us the victory! Will you partner with the Lord and stand with Israel during her time of greatest need? Your prayers and gifts are greatly needed and appreciated!