“Warming Hands & Hearts” Winter Humanitarian Project

The Fall season is always a wonderful time in Israel when temperatures finally drop after a long and intense summer heat. Hanukkah and Christmas celebrations are already in the air, and we are beginning to experience the change of seasons to the fullest.

Most of us view this festive season as a time of family gatherings, celebration, and receiving gifts from our loved ones. However, for the new Jewish immigrants who have fled unimaginable circumstances with nothing more than a small suitcase with all they own, it is a time of upheaval and uncertainty.

Israel has seen a tremendous uptake in the arrival of new immigrants this year. For these people, struggling to begin a new life in a new country is a difficult enough task, but as winter approaches, keeping warm becomes a new priority. Unfortunately, many simply cannot afford the warm comforters and heaters they will need to get through the winter.  

God has placed on our hearts to have a “Warming Hands & Hearts” winter relief project for these new immigrants and refugees. Our goal is to provide these hurting and broken people with heaters, warm blankets, and comforters. Items that we often take for granted but are a luxury for so many people and families in need. 

Would you consider blessing a family with a gift of $100 that will provide them with an electric heater and quality winter comforters? Your generous donation will be a greater blessing than you know. You may just become the answer to someone’s prayer.  Thank you for partnering with us to make a difference!