What your prayers and support accomplish – Victory for Israeli believers

A few weeks ago, a bill was introduced by two ultra-Orthodox Members of Knesset that aimed to outlaw anyone from sharing the Gospel in Israel, punishing violators with prison sentences.

The proposed bill threatened the very existence of local congregations in Israel and us as believers in Yeshua in the land. As Christians are Israel’s most prominent supporters and friends, it was a bill that not only targeted the freedom of faith in Israel but also jeopardized our lifelong friendship with Christians worldwide. 

But….the power of unity and collective prayer in the body of Christ is incredible! The overwhelming outpouring of support and prayer that was raised truly tipped the scale and changed everything. 

A few days ago, prime minister Netanyahu issued a clear statement, saying: “We will not advance any law against the Christian community.”

Praise the Lord, this bill was defeated and will not move forward! Thank you for your prayers that made this happen!