Women’s Conference Praise Report!

This past Shabbat, we hosted a powerful women’s conference that encouraged women to reconnect with the wild hearts God gave them and teach them how to navigate through the jungles of their inner being where only God can be a woman’s guide. This conference has made tremendous strides throughout the years, touching and impacting the lives of hundreds of women with God’s grace and the saving knowledge of Yeshua through this vital conference. 

Nurturing and caring for women in our society and community is one of our biggest priorities. Their labor as wives and mothers is immense and never-ending. We can never fully comprehend the intensity of their devotion and love to their families and friends. We can only humbly receive it and try to empower them in their roles as women by providing them with opportunities to encounter God in the secret and quiet places of the heart. 

In the past, women who have attended our conferences often have testified with tears in their eyes about how they’ve found true friendship, acceptance, help, and salvation through this important conference. This year was even more impactful, with over 200 women in attendance. Half of them were non-believers who were hearing the Word of God for the first time in their lives. During an altar call, when we called women to raise their hands in prayer as an indication that they wanted to receive the Lord, it was absolutely breathtaking to see every single pair of hands lifted up to heaven, crying out to Jesus! 

Below are some of the powerful moments from the conference, demonstrating how God blessed His daughters during this time together: